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What is the full address of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage?
The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage
173 St. Christopher Street
Valletta VLT 2000

What is the role of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage?
The Heritage Act 2002 established the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage as a statutory body with the role to ensure the protection and accessibility of Malta’s cultural heritage. The Superintendence is responsible for proposing policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage. The Heritage Act 2002 defined cultural heritage as including: “movable or immovable objects of artistic, architectural, historical, archaeological, ethnographic, palaeontological and geological importance and includes information or data relative to cultural heritage pertaining to Malta or to any other country. This includes archaeological, palaeontological or geological sites and deposits, landscapes, groups of buildings, as well as scientific collections, collections of art objects, manuscripts, books, published material, archives, audio-visual material and reproductions of any of the preceding, or collections of historical value, as well as intangible cultural assets comprising arts, traditions, customs and in crafts and other intangible assets which have a historical, artistic or ethnographic value” (The Heritage Act 2002: Part I.2).

The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage’s function is to promote interest, education, knowledge and pride in, and facilitate the appreciation and enjoyment of the national heritage, co-operate with public authorities, educational bodies and other organisations and persons in the promotion of the functions of the Superintendence, and promote the co-ordination of all activities relating to the functions of the Superintendence. The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage may make recommendations to the Minister responsible for heritage on all matters pertaining to cultural heritage.

What is the difference between the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and Heritage Malta?
The Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and Heritage Malta were both established by the Heritage Act 2002.
The functions and duties of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage include the establishment and management of a national inventory of cultural property, the surveillance over protection, conservation, and restoration of cultural property, the promotion of research on cultural heritage, the performance of archaeological excavations as well as the authorisation of any such excavations, the compilation of documentation related to cultural heritage, the promotion of policies, standards and practices in the conservation and presentation of cultural heritage, the coordination with MEPA in considering applications effecting cultural heritage, as well as consultation to the Minister responsible for culture on issues pertaining to cultural heritage.

The functions of Heritage Malta are to ensure that museums, sites and collections owned by it are managed and operated in the best way possible, to acquire collections of cultural heritage, to perform and commission the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage property administered by it, to coordinate with MTA and MEPA in the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, to promote public knowledge, education, appreciation and enjoyment of cultural heritage, and to coordinate with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in consulting with Local Councils in the preservation of cultural heritage in their locality.

What are the phone numbers of the other major bodies involved in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage?

Heritage Malta (356) 21222900
Malta Centre for Restoration (356) 21 823290/2
Malta Environment and Planning Authority (356) 2290 0000
Malta Tourism Authority (356) 22915800
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